It's all in the pictures...

Today is all about the pictures.
Well, the pictures, the memories, the fact that I wish I was in Florida right now, and my lifelong dream to be a princess.
So without further wishing...
Let the magic begin.

But wait.
Before you go, you have to meet this beautiful friend of mine.
She's lovely.
She's from Texas.
She laughs at my jokes.
And she has teenagers.
And that mom of teens things is one of my favorite things about her.
Ok. No lie. The laughing at my jokes thing is pretty awesome too.
And how cute are those boots?
Makes me wanna live in Texas so I can be cool and trendy too.

But, seriously if you're looking for a perspective on parenting, and life in general.
On being fierce.
And living every moment? 
Cortne is where.
Girl has been there.
And she has done that.
And I seriously do adore her.
I promise you will too.


Cortne said…
So glad you had such a Magical time, ahem, no pun intended. I thought Oklahoma girls wore boots like us Texans. We got to work on that!

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