Mother's Day...

It was a beautiful Mother's Day weekend for me and mine and I am thankful for the amazing people who call me Momma.
God is good.
And before you look at the pictures we took this weekend, I feel like I should say this.
It may seem like I have it all together all the time.
Pretty pictures and poetic words tend to give that impression.
And I do have an extremely blessed life. I won't tell you that I don't, because that wouldn't be true either.
I am blessed.
I am happy.
I am content, and life is good.
But, please let me assure you. It hasn't always been this way.
My family has always been wonderful.
Me? Not so much.
But God...
He redeems.
And whatever He touches becomes beautiful.

  What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong on Grooveshark

Happy Mother's Day from Me & Mine!!


Joy Dawn said…
Too sweet & so true. Love it!
Ruthie Hart said…
You have so much to celebrate on Mother's Day! Your family is GORGEOUS!
Cortne said…
What a beautiful family! I love your smile.
Michiko said…
Beautiful family, beautiful thoughts!

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