On vacationing. And Disney. And food while vacationing at Disney.

On the flight home from the magical world of Disney I jotted down a few things that were fresh in my mind.
A thing or two that vacation taught me.
Ten to be exact.
Because I think we always learn things in groups of tens.
Or it could just be that we feel compelled to come up with the ever popular list of "top ten."
At any rate, these are the ten things I jotted down on the plane ride home.

#1... No matter how good your life is, it sucks when the vacay is over.
It just plain sucks.
Especially when you're already having a "there's a weird poof to my hair" kind of day.

#2... Falling in love again, after 16 years of marriage, is absolutely possible. All it takes is a little pixie dust.

#3... Mickey Mouse is real. And we are best buds now.
Even though the picture of us together didn't turn out so well.

#4... When you miss your connecting flight it is 100% alright to lock yourself in one of the airport bathroom stalls and cry until the next available flight.
Or until you remember that you passed a Starbucks on the way to your gate.

#5... Any movie can become your favorite movie when it is being shown in the luxurious swimming pool.
Of your luxurious resort.
While you are eating a delicious meal, poolside in a chaise lounge.

#6... A two and a half hour flight should NOT remind you of the scary roller coaster you rode the day before.
They are not the same thing and it isn't funny when someone attempts to compare them in an effort to calm your nerves. Husband.

#7... Invest in family and friends because these are the people who will feed and care for your children while you spend a week escaping reality.
It also helps to have super cool kids that totally get the whole Mom and Dad need time away thing.

#8... The more you move, the hungrier you will become, and the more food you will need to consume.
The moral of the story.
Move more, because food is the reward.

#9... Any time you have the opportunity to float peacefully by yourself in an enormous, luxurious, and empty pool...
Even if your spouse does snap a picture of you that makes you look like one of those creepy bodies they find floating on CSI.

And last, but certainly not least...

#10... Enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of vacation.
And life in general.

More on that tomorrow.....


Tina Gray said…
Looks like it was a great holiday despite the hiccups. I'm loving your blog. x
Paula said…
I love everything that you said!

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