Apparently it's a MOM PARTY!

So I know this kid.
She's brilliant.
She's hilarious.
And she's beautiful.

She also knows how to cook, makes my bed for me on the days I work, and rubs my back if I'm sick.
She's my favorite, favorite friend.
And she's my daughter.
And I'm just beyond blessed that God trusts me with her sweet, little impressionable self.
Because at the age of 13, she still thinks I'm not half bad and has told me on more than one occasion, how much she wants to be like me.
I am humbled to the core.
Because while it is a compliment bigger than anything, it is also a reminder to be the person I want to see in her.
Filled with the love of God.

Please don't hang up. This post isn't a shout out to how great a mother I am.
As a matter of fact, can I just tell you that this is the child that didn't smile or laugh as early as most babies?Looking back on it, I believe it was because I was going through some pretty major depression over my then recently diagnosed heart disease, and I see now that it must have been affecting her.
This is also the same child that had to be partially raised by three older brothers, due to the same heart disease.
Many days I was too sick to get out of bed for more than half of the day.
But we got through it and here we are today.

She and I.
Mother and daughter.
Favorite Friends.
And, apparently she considers much of the time we spend together a "MOM PARTY!!"
Her words.
Not mine.
But, I will tell you that they warm my heart.

So I'll close this post with the one responsible for all this goodness that overwhelms me.

Dear God,
You are so good.
How did I ever get so blessed to have both You and her in my life?
Thank you.


Super sweet Christa!
I love this post. I have a soon to be 12 year old and I treasure the moments we spend time together and hope it continues.Maybe I will get my own "mom party" soon!
Cortne said…
Oh, you both are lucky to have each other. Sweetness.

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