I'm declaring some stuff today. Because it's a Tuesday. And because it needs to be done.

It's time for some DECLARING!
What say you??
Let's get on with it.
It's been far too long.

Coco in Magnolia

This week I DECLARE the following:

I will never spend all day barefoot in the kitchen again.
As I am paying for it today.
Can you say plantar fasciitis?
Better yet, can you spell it because my spell checker is very upset right now.

I will always trust my instincts when it comes to color choices and interior design.
This is only the beginning.
Can't wait to show you the completely finished room!

I will never make a promise to get just one thing at the store again.
It can't be done.
I promise.

I will always sleep with Pooh Bear.
You don't need a picture of that, do you??
But I'm warning you.
No makeup.
About to happen.

yeah, well. You were warned.

And last but not least, I will always love this guy.

Have you checked out his blog lately?
He has three rockin posts up in the Nav bar under George is a Dog.
And he is definitely all dog, that one.

Have a great Tuesday and maybe even DECLARE a thing or two with Cortne and me?
You can link up below and are likely to make friends for life.
For life, I tell ya.
What could be better than that?
Chocolate. But then that goes without saying.
Link up!



I still sleep with my teddy bear also! Especially on a bad day... he just makes it all better!
Cortne said…
Your a natural beauty, you don't need make up girl. And I agree, I will not promise to get just one thing. What is up with that? I never come out of the grocer under $100. Can't wait for the big reveal with your dining room, lookin good sista.
Taby Jean said…
LOVE the color!!!!!!!! It looks so beautifully warm & cozy! And so with you on the inability to get just one thing from any store. Its just not gonna happen...

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