It's about to get fuuuuuun!!

Good morning! It's good to be back.
There have been a few changes made around here lately, and while it may seem like the same ol' blog, trust me, it isn't.
In addition, to the regular posts related to family, life, parenting, and all the stuff I promise to keep posting, the hours of cleaning, tweaking, building, and a little coding have produced three extra rooms to the house of Me & Mine, and if you look closely at the nav bar up above, you will see the links to the three new rooms.
I'm very excited about them and here's how it will work.

Let's begin with the Foodie section...
I'm super excited about this section because it is part of a brand new opportunity to do a little exploring around this city in which I live.
I haven't begun yet, but very, very soon I will be chronicling local restaurants in the Tulsa area that you may have never heard of and that deserve a little shout out.
The idea is to broaden my horizons and yours, tempt the taste buds, and support the community.
I will also be letting my readers know when I plan to travel so that I can take the "tasting" and the blogging to the local eateries in your areas as well.
In addition...
drum roll please....
I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes.
And hear me. I have a lot of favorites.
These posts will be great because they will include pictures, instructions, and helpful hints.
So, consider me your new source for all things food related.
Suggest local restaurants near and far because I never turn down the opportunity to road trip, and send in your requests for recipes of all kinds or just any and all questions and food related 911's.
Food 911's make me feel needed and important.
Anyway, it will all be in this section, including the occasional vlog.
Trust me. You want to check this section out regularly.
It's gonna be deeeeee-lish!

Secondly is the Faith section.
My Christian faith is very important to me.
But my God is a gentleman and He would never force Himself on anyone...
Therefore, I will do the same.
I will respect your right to believe how you see fit.
However, I desperately need a place where I can share what I am learning when I read my Bible and I trust that you will afford me the same respect I offer to you.
While I have alluded to my faith in the past and have even tiptoed into the deeper waters a time or two, this section will be different.
This section will be a place where fellow Christians can learn, share, and grow in their faith.
As well as a section where people of other faiths can see why we believe what we believe.
And it will all be done with much love and respect.
Anything that is unloving, rude, or disrespectful will be removed immediately.

And last but not least is the George is a Dog section.
And there really is no need to go into much detail on this deal because you just need to go there right now and get to know him.
And do expect to hear more from him in the very near future as he's a big flippin deal around here.
And he knows it.

Oh my goodness George and I are soo excited about all these changes!
So, what do you think??
We are totally sitting by the computer waiting for comments.
We're desperate like that.
It's part of our charm.
That and the dog breath that one of us has.



Leslie said…
Love it! I still remember things you taught me in MOPS so can't wait to read your "faith" section! I'm a little curious about George - haha, and know you are a fantastic cook so that will be great too. Happy Summer!
LOVE it! Such a good idea! Glad to have you back in blog land!
Hi Christa,

I found you over at Leslie's blog in her side bar. :) Your blog is beautiful and I'm looking forward to reading your posts in all of your sections. Great job!


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