On bargaining. And friendship.

What do you do when you find the perfect vintage chandelier on Craigslist?
First of all, you stall and hem-haw around because you rarely buy anything on Craigslist, and anything that is more trouble than just running into Lowe's seems like too much of a hassle
Then you call your husband to see what he thinks because maybe it would be worth the hassle to save a few bucks.
Of course he says no. Partly because he doesn't like to hassle with that sort of stuff either, and partly because he's at work and can't be bothered with picking out the perfect chandelier, or the do's and don'ts of buying on Craigslist.

At which point you call your friend and ask her opinion.
She says, YES because hassling with stuff like this is right up her alley and few things make her happier than getting good deals and using coupons.
She offers to come with you and you decide to step out of your box.

And in the end, you're glad you did, because your friend who loves to hassle, haggle, and bargain, got your chandelier for $15 less than the asking price and you got to come home with this...

And it will go beautifully in the new dining room once the chocolate "shutter brown" paint is on the walls, the antique rocker that sits in the corner is recovered, and the curtains are finished.
Here's a sneak peek at some of the fabric that will be used for the chair and the curtains.

Moral of the story?
Find a good friend who has super hero bargaining powers and is willing to use them in your favor.


Ruthie Hart said…
that is the most perfect chandelier EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR
I can't wait to see it all come together! What a fun chandelier.
brittany t said…
what a super cute fancy chandlier! has character! :) I love your blog design too btw!
Cortne said…
Love it the chandelier and fabric.

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