This man...

There is this man that brings me flowers when I am sad.
and when I am not.
He cooks dinner for me when I am hungry.
And when I forgot that I was hungry.
He reminds me.

He leaves me notes to wake up to in the morning, rubs my back when I can't fall asleep,
and helps me fix everything I've broken.

But it isn't just me that he loves without limits.
It is everyone under this roof.

And everyone who used to live under this roof.
And everyone who is married to someone who used to live under this roof.
He loves them all.
Without question.
Without reservation.
Without need for reason or why.

He rarely complains.
He always forgives.
He listens completely.
And there isn't anything he can't repair.

And we all agree that he can do anything.
As a matter of fact, if you need him to do anything.
He will do that anything.
Until it is done.
Until it is done right.
And until you are happy. ok. safe.

Happy Father's Day dear husband and father.
You may think you are just an ordinary man, but we know different.
Because there is nothing ordinary about the way you love.
It is selfless.
It is sacrificial.
It is Christ-like.
And we are better for it.

We love you.

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Sissy MacK said…
What a sweet tribute to the daddy at your house! Reminds me that I need to sit down and write a letter to my sweet hubby. I am joining the blog hop and following you on google.
Crystal Green said…
What a great tribute to this man! Sounds like a man worth calling a "man." ;) May he have a wonderful Father's Day.
Kim said…
Following from Sunday Sync
Pam Klimper said…
New follower via Sunday Sync!

Pam @
Katie said…
what a sweet post and beautifully written!
OneTIPsy Chick said…
Stopping by via the blog hop. Now following on Bloglovin!
Michell Pulliam said… sweet!! What a beautiful tribute to the love of your life! All of you are blessed to have each other! Have a wonderful day!

Michell @Prowess and Pearls
Rachel said…
Lovely photographs of you all, such a nice post. :)

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