Blogger Blues

I need to get out of this blog funk.
I go back and forth between reading other peoples blogs and taking a sabbatical so I can focus on my own.
Then I wonder why I blog in the first place.
Is it really to let my writer's voice echo?
Is it to meet fellow bloggers?
Am I going anywhere at all with this?
Do I even know my purpose?
Do I even have one?
How did I just spend that many hours reading blogs all morning?
Because now I have to write my own post and I am far too depressed from not measuring up to the golden blogging standard.
At this point, I doubt I could put together more than a small paragraph of pessimistic thoughts.

Perhaps I should just scrap it and start over.
Sort of like the craft project gone wrong.
Or maybe I just need stronger organizational skills.
ooohh. I could probably find a blog on organizational skills and maybe pick up a thing or two!
Geez, here we go again.
Do I actually get organized or do I spend the next 12 hours reading about how to get organized and then realize that no one did the laundry or made the dinner??
***Housewife/Blogger. Searching for balance.***

Anyone else struggled with this?
How do you limit the number of blogs you read vs the amount of time you spend on your own blog?
Have any of you ever scrapped it and started with a new blog?
How did that go for you?
How do you keep from losing your own voice when shouting alongside so many others?
Would love to know that I'm not the only one having a case of the "how to measure up/blogger blues".


Ruthie Hart said…
I hate that you are in a funk :-( but I totally feel ya girl. You want to create meaningful content that provides you with fulfillment but sometimes you are stuck. Just enjoy your summer, posts and ideas will come to you!
Hey girl!I think this all the time! I think it's totally normal too! If you want to have a good old fashioned venting session please email me!
I feel the same way sometimes, and that's why I invited anyone who wants to, to join in and be #PerfectlyImperfect with me. :) We are all there, it's just easy to hide! :)

Gayle | Grace for Gayle
Paula said…
I get in funks sometimes. But then I just started blogging about my life as a record for future generations and there is so much material. Lately I have been stuck on blog challenges (doing my 5th one in a row right now) But I think it is really hard to try to find our place in the blogging world!
Cortne said…
Never stop, I love your writing and your super clever. Hugs,

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