I plan to turn 39 twice if you don't mind...

About this time next year I will turn 39.
For the second time.
Or I will turn 40.
I have yet to decide which, and it will probably depend a lot on how this next 12 months goes, as well as whether or not I feel the need for a do-over.
It may also depend on whether or not I have decided to accept 40 gracefully. I hate to do anything without grace, so if I feel that 40 simply isn't do-able in a graceful manner, I may hold off on it.
Sort of like when the time changes every Fall.
Why do we have to take our "hour" when everyone else does? As long as it is taken within a reasonable amount of time, why can't we choose the exact moment?
I would like to be able to save mine until I really need it.
And 40 may be like that too. I might decide to save it for when I feel that it is finally better to be in one's 40's than it is to be in one's 30's.
Perhaps this year I will compile a list of reasons to turn 40 and I will let that list help to make my decision for me. Sort of a list of pro's and con's; a Franklin close, if you will.
You've probably noticed how contemplative I'm becoming in my less than young-ish age. We will put that down as a pro.
Unless you feel it should be a con?
Indecisive should definitely be a con.
Don't you think??

Help?? Life is suddenly moving very quickly and I want to stop the bus.


You've got to turn 40, so you get the big party! Then you can just go backwards again :D
Cortne said…
Embrace it my love!
EveryDay Bloom said…
I am 43. Which I can't quite believe. it occurred to me driving today (so many things occur to me while I'm driving), that in another 43 years, I'll be my grandma's age. And I have vivid memories of my first decade... time passes so quickly! I am learning to love the moment I'm in. Because I look at pictures from five years ago, when I was feeling threatened by the approach of 40, and think... I should have just enjoyed it! 38 is so young! (My 70 year old aunt REALLY thinks I'm young). It's all relative. And then we die. (= (=
EveryDay Bloom said…
Oh PS: Happy Birthday!!!
Rachel said…
I agree with Kellie, enjoy the party! :-)

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