On dieting...

Dieting is not for wimps.
It is for people who can go all day on less than half of what a normal person eats and still maintain a certain element of friendliness when their spouse walks through the door and dares to ask how their day went.
It should be noted that the spouse is hungry as well because rarely do dieters "go it alone" and a spouse is the only person who is required by law and vows to go with you.
Or else.
At least that is how I explained it to him.

And so we made it through day one.
Even with the last minute visit to the ice cream shop with dear friends.
It should also be noted that even though husband assumed that last minute ice cream visits are reason to break the diet, I was strong enough for the both of us.
Ok, the whole head lock thing in the middle of the store might have been a bit much.
But he deserved it.
I was in line first and already had my eye on the fat free, sugar free, color free, taste free, fun free corner of the counter.

Besides, I'm not the one who still had half a days worth of dieter's points left after the ice cream trip.
I'm the one who had one scrappy little point left.
Which is why I sucked on a point free pickle while watching our bedtime tv and he had a bowl of something that he swears wasn't fattening but looked way too yummy to be diet food.
Don't go to bed angry my foot.
Did I mention that dieting isn't for wimps??

So today I am going to try again.
I am going to take it one shaky step at a time.
And if all else fails, I will wear a sign...
"Please Don't Feed the Bear."

PS...Check it out! Me and my cranky, starved self are starring over at Coco in Magnolia today.
Heart that lady a bunch.


Cortne said…
You can do it, you can can. Diets are never fun.
EveryDay Bloom said…
Saw your post at Coco in Magnolia, which I very much enjoyed, and had to come over to ask you if you'd ever read Haven Kimmel's memoir "A Girl Named Zippy". She believed her parents bought her from gypsies (and like your "alien" mother, her mom did nothing to dispel the myth).

That first week of a changed lifestyle (sounds like Weight Watchers...ish?) is the hardest. It gets much easier...even empowering, amazingly enough. Hang in there, mama bear. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com
Milex said…
I adore you so much

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