Parenting advice, prime time TV, and alien invasion

I had one of those parenting moments of clarity the other night while watching Falling Skies.
Because alien invasion on Prime Time could be one of the best places for parenting advice. Ever.

Basically, it goes like this.
When your baby becomes a teenager two things happen.
They no longer think they are your baby.
And they have decided that they know everything.
Ok, way more than two things happen, but the rest of it involves hormones and other yucky stuff that would turn this post into requiring the need for a pg rating and we don't need to go there to bring home the point of the post.

The point of the post being that while the teenager is becoming an over night success at knowing all things, the parent is usually facing the reality that comes with maturity.
That is the realization that most of us know very little about anything and we most certainly do not know it ALL.

So, my advice?
It's two-fold.
First of all, invest in some time alone with the spouse, some friends, maybe a good book.
Prime Time TV.
Anything that gives you a break and refreshes your parenting soul.
Something that allows you to relish in your uncertainty, as well as your maturity, and gives you the chance to laugh it off.

once you are refreshed, renewed, and revived...
head back into the trenches where the children dwell and tell them this...

Right or wrong, we are doing it my way!
And when you grow up, if you need counseling, I'll pay for it.
(Best parenting advice I ever received.)

xoxo & Good luck!!


Jane Craske said…
So behind on watching that show and I LOVE it. I think that I'm ok with the whole teen thing (I've taught grade 8 for a lot of years) but boy, this dealing with a three year You guys are awesome for having already done it. Visiting from cocoa's
Susan Jeffries said…
I just found you today and I love you already! We have so much in common! I am a wife, mom, Christian, and I am in love with my dog(: I am a new blogger at Please stop by and say hi! I love your 13 parenting tips - especially the one about not parenting to please others! Perfect! Susan

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