so I know this guy

So I know this guy. He's sort of quiet.
Most of the time.
He's large. As in larger than life to a lot of people because he gets things done. Handles things. Makes things happen. Fixes all things. That sort of large.
He's honest. Not the sort of honest that feels the need to express every thought on a whim simply because it is a thought and he knows not what else to do with it. The sort of honest that means there is integrity in his answers.
If you ask him, you will get honesty.
If you do not ask him, you will probably be standing next to someone with an unexpressed thought.
And unexpressed thoughts are ok sometimes.

He is faithful. The sort of faithful that stays with you no matter what happens, and chooses to love regardless of the discovered worth of the person receiving the love. It is the kind faithful that doesn't take your worthiness into account at all. If he has committed to you, he is staying with you.
You do not get to decide whether or not he is committed to you, and you do not get to change it, alter it, or persuade its truth, because he has already decided to be faithful and it is what you are getting. You can like it. You can not like it. His faithfulness is yours. He is yours. Be grateful.

It should also be said that he is pretty much immovable. Not the sort of immovable that would imply that God could not bend him or direct him. The sort of immovable that points to a much greater source of strength in God, a set of values that is unchanging, and a core of beliefs that stem from study, research, true understanding, real answers, and faith.
It is like a root system that goes deep. Similar to those of the palm tree.
Storms may blow it almost completely over and cause it bend.
It might lose a few branches and appear worn in the end.
But the chances of breaking it are almost near to impossible because of the depth of its roots.
Good luck with even trying.

So I know this guy.
And the above description is only a glimpse into who he is.
What I see when I look at him.
How safe I feel when I am with him.
How great his worth.

He is my husband of 16 years.
He is the man who loves me beyond my own worth and completely independent of my choice to love back.
He is the protector of this family.
The provider of many.
The silent strength behind countless others.
The one who often receives little praise, and asks for even less.
Because while others are grabbing for the microphone and working hard to be seen by the world, my husband is the one who is quietly content with being the strength behind the scenes.
The one who will always be there. Never changing. Staying true to his commitments and steadfastly putting one foot in front of the other to get the job done.
Despite the fact that his footsteps may never be heard or seen by those he serves.
So it is up to me, on days like these, to be the one that says it loud enough for others to hear.
This man.
The one that can always be depended on by wife, children, siblings, parents, employers, and friends.
This man who would never tell you on his own, will not only recieve his MBA this Friday, July 5th, 2013...
But he is also the newest member of the School of Law at Tulsa University.

And this wife couldn't be more proud.


Um so that was the sweetest thing I have ever read!! This is your voice, right here! No need to worry about finding it!
SimplyyMayra said…
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SimplyyMayra said…
Hola Christa!
What an incredibly, beautiful and inspiring post! You captivated my heart with every word! You are very blessed!

Nice to meet you, I am SimplyyMayra and I am now your newest and loyal reader #142. I found you via Coco in Magnolia and I look forward to getting to know more about you and yours.

~SimplyyMayra :)
PonderWonders @
Simply beautiful...

I love the way you wrote this...

P E R F E C T! Like you! HUGS!


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