slipping in unnoticed...

I never know what to say after a long sabbatical from blogging.
Do I start with an apology? A promise to do better?
An explanation as to where I've been for the last 40 some odd days?
Or do I just slip quietly onto the back row of all things bloggy and pretend I've been here all along?
"who me?? No, I've been here the whole time.  Post regularly? Oh, I'm so sorry.  I must have missed that memo somehow.  How dreadful of me! Yes, Yes. I'l absolutely do that from now on.".....
that sort of thing.
Ya know??

At any rate, I've been focusing most of my attention on school related issues, much of my attention on exercise and healthy eating, some of my attention on quilting, and a fraction of my attention on housework.
Except the last part is a bold-faced lie and I can't believe I told it.

If I was being random, this is the part where I would tell you that mincing fresh ginger root is probably one of the most calming experiences that I have had in my life. to date.
So calming in fact, that by the time I was done I hardly cared at all that my pieces weren't entirely sliced through.  They smelled divine and I was too busy floating around the kitchen with a very large knife.
Just enjoying the aromatic experience. 
Please don't mind me. Or the knife gently slicing the air to the tune of Moon River.

Speaking of food, please tell me that it's completely normal to crave lemons and limes like every blessed day of your life.  If my day doesn't start and end with a limeade, and have a couple lemons for snacking somewhere in the middle...
Well, it's a rough day in this house, Jack.
And, I'm terribly sorry for calling you Jack. I blame Duck Dynasty and its power over me.

So, these are the lemons and limes that started my day a couple days ago.  

Yesterday I skipped the whole thing in an effort to be like a normal person and by noon I was texting the husband suicide notes.
Ok, I wasn't exactly suicidal, but he did feel it necessary to take me to Starbucks. 
Because Chai Tea with an unheard of amount of honey makes everything better and is another one of my passions in life.
The barista asked if I would like for her to put the honey in for me.  I told her that while I appreciated the offer, I was far too embarrassed at just how much honey I required for one cup of tea, and I should probably slip into the shadows to do it myself.
By this point, I'm pretty sure my children were beyond embarrassed due to the giant homemade quilt I took to Starbucks with me, and the fact that I had on bright red thermal socks that were more than peeking out of my too short gray sweat pants.
Any shot I had at trendiness has been over for a while, so I'm aiming for comfort at full speed ahead.
Much to the chagrin of most who know and love me.

I'm going to sign off for now.
I almost hate to leave you because with my random approach to blogging, it is dubious as to when we might speak again.
Please know I love and think of you often.
And I wish I was more than a fair-weather-friend, if that counts for anything.
Perhaps one day.

Until then...
I leave you with the almost-cure for depression caused by a lemon-less day...



EveryDay Bloom said…
Well, whether you post regularly or not almost doesn't matter...because when you do post, it's great. I especially loved the suicide notes to the husband bit. And by the way, you're not alone in your blogging absences. I forget to mention I might be taking sabbaticals, mostly because I'm in denial and don't want to admit that I need a break. Also I love citrus in the morning. Noon, and night too, if I can get it. And the entire world sings and glows when honey is involved. I just donated the fluffy red socks though. So you might be alone there. (=

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