on studying and husbands...

So I just spent all of my afternoon and the first half of my Friday night stressing over a paper, crying to the husband and begging for his help; then finally finishing the paper and hitting the SUBMIT button.
Ahhh, sweet release!
That submit button is both the bane and the joy of my current existence in this educational world in which I live.  It calls to me, beckons me, threatens to undo me, and then does a happy dance with me when all is said and done. I hate it.  I love it.

And biggest thanks of course go out to the man of all men who spent the last half of his afternoon and the first half of his Friday night stressing over my paper, listening to me cry and plead, and then helping me finish it in style.
I love him for his wonderfulness.  And for his understanding of Theology and Theology professors.
And for his selfie taking ability.  He's original, my man.

Why Theology?  Only because it is what it is until it is what it will be.
Don't worry.  I haven't lost my mind and changed my major again.  I'm still on track and am also currently studying Medical Terminology.
And I'm enrolled in both Anatomy and Chemistry for the Spring.
Which means I will be hitting husband up for free Chem lessons.
because it was the bane of his existence once.

But for now it is Theology.
And aren't we all happy?
Well, we will be in a few moments.
Time to reward ourselves with some Duck Dynasty and Halloween candy.
While we wear pirate hats.

-just me again


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