Regarding Ducks and Men...

Nothing like a controversy of dynasty-sized proportions to make me want to post again.  Anyone not been following what's going on out there in the world of ducks and men?  Unless you're completely disconnected with the world of media, which would mean you probably wouldn't be reading this post anyway, I doubt you are in the dark as to what's been going on.
And you've probably heard it all.
That it's about Christian rights. Gay rights. Duck rights.
Freedom of speech. Spiritual warfare.  The end times.  Us against them.  
Etc etc etc.

And, I'll admit.  I hopped up on the bandwagon for a wee bit.  Rode it around for a while.  Tried it out.  "Liked" a few posts.  "Double-clicked" on some Instagram stuff.  "Shared" some interesting points on the matter.  Did my part for free speech, conservative values, and so forth and so on.

Until my law-student husband, and one of my favorite authors pointed out to me that it isn't really about free speech at all; and that the only way his free speech rights would be violated is if the government tried to squash Phil Robertson's right to say what he said.  Until "big brother" steps in, it remains a matter between two individual parties.  Phil Robertson and the television network, A&E.
And apparently Cracker Barrel.
Who has poked the bear as well.

Which brings me to the real point of the post.
Why are we the bear?
I'm not saying we shouldn't be upset.  I'm not even saying that we shouldn't #supportphilrobertson or #agreewithphil or whatever you want to hashtag it.  I'm only pointing out that as followers of Christ, we seem to be incredibly fired up about defending our beliefs in a world that isn't our home in the first place.
I get it.  We have to live here too.
Absolutely.  Like I said, I have "Liked" my fair share of posts on the matter.
I'm only asking if we are balancing it out with an equal amount of loving on others, praying for our enemies; and the telling of this great gospel.
Have you thought about it in a while? It really is GOOD NEWS.  And I'm willing to bet you don't know anyone who couldn't use good news right now.
However, if all the world sees is how riled we get when we are poked...
Or they only know we are a Christian when we are wronged....
I don't know.
It just seems sort of sad, don't you think?

I mean, what are we going to tell God when we get to Heaven?
"God, You won't believe the stuff we defended in Your Name!"
Something tells me that isn't what He was looking for when He entrusted us with His reputation on this earth.
Just that.
That is all.


Breanna said…
This post is a breath of fresh air in the midst of this huge controversy. I just found your blog tonight, and think we should be friends :) I look forward to following along and getting to know you!

His Girl said…
His Girl said…

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