That time I found the perfect gift...

There is something so great about giving the perfect gift.  Especially when you are giving the perfect gift to that perfect someone (husband) who is pretty much impossible to buy for on a regular and very frustrating basis.

It doesn't help that he is incredible and deserves things you won't find on your average gift-giving list...
Like the moon.  Or a 10 week vacation.
24 hour back rubs.
The right to the remote.
Stuff like that.

So this Christmas I searched, stressed, and panicked.

I shut down...
Battled with depression...
And considered knitting him some socks...

Until I found it.
That perfect gift.
The one that says..."Remember that time?? Yeah, me too."

Technology is a wonderful thing; and digital photography is something I wouldn't want to live without.
But, there is something so beautiful about bringing a special moment all the way across the wonders of technology, in order to capture it in print.
Because sometimes there are memories that just deserve more than a spot on your iPhone or a place in your social media feed.
Those memories need to be brought out into the world with the rest of us so that they can be held, celebrated, and placed in that special spot on your desk.

Which is what made this canvas print the perfect gift for my perfect one.

He takes me to Disney World and reminds me that life is supposed to be good.
And I do my best to hold on to that truth in every way that I can.
Because life is full of memories worth capturing and dreams worth believing.

And to make it even more magical, my friends over at Easy Canvas Prints are sprinkling their own version of pixie dust today.
They are offering one special reader a free 8x10 custom canvas of your very own with free shipping included (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).  There are several ways to enter below and its as easy peasy to enter this giveaway as it was to work with the amazing people over at Easy Canvas.
So get in on the magic and enter to win!
Right now.
As in hurry up because it ends in a week!!
Good luck!

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DonJen Sanders said…
Love the photo and the idea! Marriage and memories can be so wonderful.
LOVE y'all!

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