In Pictures...

Instead of chatting your ear off today, I thought I would just share a few photos of my life as of late.
Because that's what really makes your Wednesday, now isn't it?
Been wondering what I've been up to??
Wonder no more.

The Cajun Chicken Pasta with White Wine Sauce that I made for the lovely daughter-in-law's birthday.

The teenagers that are a big part of my life. Some that are mine. Some that are not-so-mine. Although I would claim them in a heartbeat.

The latest hobby that is taking over my life and way too much of my spare time. Happiness = pattern tracing in my book. 

Happiness is also a candle that smells like lemons. And a cup of warm soup in a Minnie Mouse mug.

However, happiness can be a lot of things.
Like hanging out with this beautiful person. Who is way cooler than I am, even when she's sporting these interesting shades.

And who can forget the time we introduced the puppy to the kitty?  Begging and pleading for friendship ensued immediately on the puppy's part.  While the kitty remained calm, cool, and collected in the middle of our King Sized Bed.

Last but not least is this fuzzy picture of me and the girl.  No one has told her that I'm not cool, and I'd like to keep that secret for as long as possible. 
Because she is my delight, and these moments are my life.

And there you have it.
My life over the last few weeks.

In other are you doing?


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