speaking of memory and pie and surprise blog posts...

Would you just look at how long it's been since I've written a blog post?  If you scroll down to the prior post you will see that February was the last time we spoke.  So, how have you been?

Not much.
Just consuming myself with all things unrelated to blogging as of late; while simultaneously berating myself for not blogging.
It's a new hobby of mine.  I work on one thing; while kicking myself for not doing the other thing.
I'm not caring for the hobby all that much; however, it does showcase my continued ability to multi-task.
And, I guess I'm sort of proud of that.

It's like the phone number thing.
You may not know, but I have this thing about phone numbers.
I refuse to write them down.
Because all of my life I've heard the stories about how I could memorize faster and better than any of the other babies in the nursery.
And I have seen (and heard) the cassette tapes that hold the sound of my wee little voice spouting off all the things I had learned and memorized that day.
I guess humility wasn't really my thing back then either.

But I'm here to tell you that the badge of honor for "having the best memory" has gotten a bit weighty in my old age.
What if someone corners me at the next family reunion with a stopwatch and a tape recorder??
You laugh.
But my nightmares are real, people.

Hence the phone number thing.
I consider it a form of exercise for my brain and sometimes I also count it as real exercise so that I can have a piece of pie afterwards.
Give me a phone number.  Any phone number.
Feel free to make it international.  Feel free to make it a tongue twister.
I'll force myself to not write it down and I won't allow myself to enter it into my phone until it has been twenty minutes and I am sure I have it memorized.
At which point I allow myself to enter the number into my phone so that I can go home and polish my memory badge.
And sometimes there is pie.

So there you have it.  The best I could come up with after four months of not blogging.
You don't have to be my friend anymore if this sort of thing concerns you.
But I'm a heck of a good time at reunions.


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