soul food

More times than I care to admit I find myself off track.  I look up and realize that I have been banging my head against the wall for God only knows how long; and I'm beginning to resemble one of those toy cars that promises to turn around and do fancy tricks, but really only knows how to work in one gear.
It's a gear.
I know because I frequent it.

It is then that I go back.
Back to the place I know the best.  Back to the place where I am always connected, understood, seen, and known.
I go to my Bible.  The Word of God.

And I ask the same questions I asked the last time I was there.
Why? How? When?
Why did I stay away for so long?  How can I forget this connection?  And when?
When will I move my focus back onto Him and off of the things that pale in comparison to His astonishing love?

Because here I find a peace that passes all of the understanding I could ever know.
Here I find a reminder that I was made with a purpose greater than I can imagine.
Here I remember that His joy is great. And it is available to be my strength.

So I purpose to lay down the things that hurt me today, yesterday, last week.
The words that stung, the plans that didn't go as planned, the reasons I sighed or felt like giving in.
The things that frustrated and overwhelmed me.  The moments I want to forget.
I set aside the anger, the plans to be self-important, and the ways I'm convinced I could solve it all.

And I just trust Him.
I will be me and He will be God.
I will believe and He will be faithful.
I will relax and He will work on my behalf.
I will take a step and He will provide the direction.

And all will be well with my soul.
Because I am His and He is mine.
(Song of Solomon 2:16)


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