Being a Parent....

Being a parent is the easiest job in the entire world, and I always get plenty of sleep.
  - said NO ONE. Anywhere.  Ever. On the planet.

Being a parent means that I am always happy because who wouldn't be happy?  I am so blessed.
  - said someone who is not sharing their meds with the rest of us.

Being a parent has fulfilled me in ways I never thought it would.
  - ok. I'll go with that one.

Being a parent is the bomb.
  - another good one.  Most of the time.

Being a parent means never having to be alone again.
- HA. Double, triple, quadruple HA.  Just wait till they are old enough to drive.  You will be alone.
   And you will like it.

Being a parent means missing them every time I am out of their presence.
 - Are your kids driving yet?  Because mine are, and I can tell you this alone thing is not so bad.

Being a parent means never needing to look for friends.
 - Hmmm. I'll get back with you on that one.  Sure, sometimes they feel like friends.
   Friends that eat all my food, take my stuff, and have to be reminded to pay attention when I talk.
   Naah.  I think you're still gonna need to find some real friends.

Being a parent means my heart is vulnerable.
  - said me. always.

Being a parent means that at times it will hurt.
  - me again.

Being a parent means having a reason to be proud.
  - Me. And so far so good.  At least now that we are pretty much through that weird hair stage.

Being a parent means loving people for the rest of your life even when they don't seem to return said love.  It means trusting that God is big, and amazing, and right when He set this whole thing into motion; and it means understanding that it is a difficult job, with the potential for great reward.
And someone has to do it.
  - Amen.

And, finally...

Being a parent means making peace with the past generation, while assisting the future generation.
  - said someone on a TV show recently, and I give them a thumbs up.
Hang in there, Moms.  It gets good.


Terrisa said…
Excellent! Obviously written by one who "KNOWS". I believe you are a fine writer. I hope you look for ways to publish your short stories. People NEED to read good stuff.
Well.... I have to comment, because... I love you and I know you and George need something to read.. :)

Also because it was an AWESOME and REALLY WELL WRITTEN BLOG post... I love it. I love the pics your posted with it and the the truthfulness in it.

You are an AMAZING writer and a WONDERFUL Friend... So happy we are BFF's. xoxoxo
His Girl said…
My Dearest Christy, you're such an amazing Mother and daughter! Love your writing! I'm so proud of you! Love you with all my heart!!

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