Bipolar Tendencies

The weather around here is absolutely gorgeous today!!
It makes me think of Spring, and flowers, and that dream I have of visiting New York City while Central Park is in bloom.
Unfortunately, I have been burned more than once by Oklahoma's bi-polar tendencies when it comes to weather.   She teases for a week or two in January, perhaps a couple days in February, and then tosses you aside for a last minute fling with a Blizzard come end of March.
Said the girl with the chip on her shoulder.

But what would be the harm in going along with it just a bit?  I promise to keep my heart out of it.
Maybe not go all the way with short sleeves and wide open windows or anything.  But it wouldn't hurt to switch to the lightweight jacket, and perhaps open the sunroof on the car.

Probably better wrap this up and go double check outside again, in case she's changed her mind in the last ten minutes.

Not that I would care.
Said the girl in the shorts and the tank top.


Totally Bi-Polar weather in OK!! :)

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