ring in the new year like a pirate...that's what I always say

Just checking in to make sure you properly rang in the New Year!
As a middle-aged mom of several adult-ish people I feel obligated to be as lame as possible on New Years Eve.  However, there is no rule that says I can't live vicariously through the fun people with real lives.

So, did you finally pop that bottle of champagne?  Maybe break out the leftover fireworks from the 4th of July?
Never any harm in sending the neighbors and their dogs running for Prozac.  That's what I always say.
Or perhaps you settled for snuggling under your new electric blanket with that favorite person.  Throw in a collection of Nora Ephron movies, macaroni & cheese, and some Diet Coke and I would snuggle in with you myself.

Unfortunately, my big plans for the evening were less exciting than that.  I spent most of my time running errands and feeding people.
However, we did get to crash a local party right before midnight, and that was fun!
I had heard there would be rum cake and I was concerned it wasn't being properly appreciated.
Turns out it was.
"Why is all the rum (cake) gone?"
By the way, thanks to Johnny Depp for the one of the greatest movie lines ever.  My kids are less grateful.  Something about the way I look in a pirate suit.

At any rate, the party ended at midnight and by 12:14 we were home and in bed.
By 12:17 I was watching the first of two episodes of Gilmore Girls just because I could, and just because no one tells me what to do anymore.
I have been saying that since I was five years old and I'm still convinced that no one believes me.
Hence the staying up past my bedtime with the cheese puffs giant bowl of fruit.

Well, I'm off to make my resolutions.
I'll check back in with you soon to see how you handle the Super Bowl.
Until then, Live Large, my friends!

I'll be the one doing laundry at 3 a.m. in a pirate suit, just because I can.


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