Thought for the day....humility

I am drawn to humility.  Those who are humble without really trying to be, and those who put others needs consistently above their own.  Perhaps this is because I see so little of this virtue within myself.  How many times have I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, manipulated my circumstances to favor my own desires, and shifted my chair a little closer to the limelight....
Just a little shift.
tiny bit more
Maybe a couple more inches?
Right there under the giant shaft of sunlight streaming in, so that all can marvel at my new outfit, my latest joke, or my really good hair day.
Lord, help me.  I shouldn't be allowed out in public.

My point being, that for someone like me, who has never even seen what goes on backstage, I marvel at those who choose to be there.  Those who prefer the quiet corners of the room, or the pleasure of just listening without being asked to speak or perform.  I am in awe of those who would be perfectly happy with a life well lived, but not necessarily a life well known.
And I often wish I were in that happy little club of the peaceful and the graceful...
those who see me before they see themselves.
Then again, it isn't hard to see me is it....what with that giant sunbeam I'm sitting under...

Oh, Father help me to remember that all are created equal in your loving eyes, and no one person is greater than any other.  Help me to be more like that precious boy of yours who came to the earth a King and took on the "nature of a servant"*.  He freakin ROCKED this world, and I long to do the same.
But for You.
For Your glory, not mine.
Think I'll move my chair back a bit.

*Phillipians 2:7


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