The Fire Pit

There was the time we all worked in the yard and Dad and I built a fire pit.

Good times.
Does a fire pit have to be finished and in working order to be called a fire pit?  Because we dug a pretty good sized hole and then put some funky looking bricks around it before we had to stop because of a mound of fire ants.
Mom and the girl started hollering so Dad and I stepped in to save the ladies.  Basically, we just lit part of the backyard on fire, even though it made Mom really nervous.
Dad says moms are like that, and that he knows what he's doing despite what Mom says.
I know what I'm doing too.
Basically, I just stick with Dad, that's what I do.

Once the fire pit was built, the Spring rains came and filled the pit for a solid month.
Dad said not to worry about it because that fire pit was designed in such a way to serve two purposes.
 In the cooler weather when Mom was wishing for a fire pit to warm her toes by, we would have one ready to go.  But, in the rainy season, the fire pit would serve as a measurement for the water level under the ground.  Dad said that he knew what he was doing when he built it that way.

Dad also said that he really didn't think it was such a good idea to drink out of the fire pit, but I think he just means that Rodney shouldn't drink out of the fire pit because he's so small.  One gust of wind and Rodney could fall in, and then I would have to get up and go save him.
And since I really have a lot to do during the waking hours of the day, and because I'm the exact opposite of a St. Bernard, I would rather not have to save Rodney if it can be avoided.
He can be very needy, that Rodster fellow.
Sometimes I have to take a nap just thinking about him.

So, I'm off to nap then.
It seems like the right thing to do.


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