The Christmas Gift

I have a sweet friend who is putting her baby on a plane over the Christmas holidays.  Christmas Day to be exact.  It must be difficult to put your baby on a plane on Christmas Day when you would rather be snuggled up by the tree watching your favorite movie together, and sipping hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.
But this one, she's a strong one.  If anyone can kiss her baby goodbye, and wish him the very best of Christmases, while her own heart is drooping and dripping, and all that sloppy mess of motherhood at its is this one.  She is strong.

She is beautiful, and she is kind, and she wishes no one harm.
She is strong, and wise, and she spends her evenings imparting strong and wise things into her little man's life.
She is the sort of person you hope will be your friend.
And the kind of mother other kids envy.

And God will bless her for allowing her little one to spread his wings, and for giving him the gift of being able to explore this great big world with those great big eyes.
And I believe that our gracious Heavenly Father will love on her a little extra this year because she is sharing the most precious thing she has with others who love and need her little man as much as she does.

And if anyone knows about sharing a precious son it is our Heavenly Father.
His heart has swayed to the rhythm of this very same beat; and He understands the path she walks this Christmas holiday.

So, pray for my sweet friend today.
And thank the Father for the reason we celebrate Christmas; and the gift He gave when He shared His Son with us.

And to all a good night.



Beautifully written and about a person that is equally beautiful. AMEN!!!

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