In looking for Peace....

First there is this:
On this earth we often find ourselves searching for happiness.  We hunt down peace like it is a treasure, worth all we have to obtain.
We shell out large quantities of money to buy it.
We sell what we own to obtain it.       
We give away what we once valued to get it.
And, we trade-in what we once treasured to feel it again.

Until it no longer sustains our temporary joy.  And the quest begins anew.
Interestingly enough, Peace is not a thing, or a concept, but a Person.  Jesus.
He was given to us as a gift over 2000 years ago, and He is the only gift that has ever been given yet remained throughout time.  Generations are born and die, but He remains.  Lives are lived and lost, yet still He is.  People will come, and they will go, but Jesus is the gift that never ends, never dies, and never fails.
For those who understand this concept, and have found themselves face to face with the truth of who He is….for those individuals, peace becomes Peace….a person who walks with them through this brief journey on the earth, and delivers them safely to the other side.
You see, each of us will know pain.  Each of us will know joy.  Each of us will be given gifts, learn new concepts, share in laughter and in tears.  Each of us will make our contribution to our generation and society, and some of us may even make contributions that go on without us.
But, only those who have met Peace, and made Him their LORD & Savior, will experience each of these aforementioned things with the steady contentment of knowing… 
that regardless of the ups, and despite the downs…He is their constant.  
Earth is their temporary. 
And Heaven with Him is their FOREVER.
If you do not know Him this season…in this time of year when we sing “peace on earth, and goodwill to men”, then take it from one who has lived both with Him, and without Him…..
It is sublimely better WITH Him.
Get to know Jesus.  He makes the journey worth it.

(Ephesians 2:14-18 and John 3:16 )


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