About Christa...

Just so you know, these sort of pages make me extremely nervous.  As a matter of fact, I have been known to scour the internet for hours looking for the best "About Me" pages I could find in an effort to try and copy something truly wonderful in order to impress you.
However, most of the bloggers I have found are in their twenties, have a passion for fashion, and adore their fur babies.
The twenties came and went long ago, leaving me with four kids, jeans that don't fit, and a lot of debt.
Fashion stopped by briefly somewhere between kid #2 and kid #3 before quickly realizing how misunderstood it was here.
It's been gone for a while as well.
And fur babies isn't really a word that works for me.
However, you might disagree if you could see the large animal population for which I am responsible.
Each child has "donated" at least one pet to the family.
Soooo....three dogs, three cats, one lizard, and a horse later....
I'm a sucker for a pretty face.  Even if it is on a lizard.
Or a bassett.
Who, by the way, has his own little corner of the blog.  Go check him out!! His name is George.  And he's a dog.  

Other than that, I post about life, raising the squatters kids these past twenty plus years, marriage, my faith in Christ, and the occasional recipe.

And now I have told you just about everything  you need to know about me.
Which means I did it.  I made it through the About Me page.

your turn...
I would love to get to know you!!


Cortne said…
Beautiful! Loved your vlog Mrs. Wonderful, hugs hugs hugs.
SimplyyMayra said…
Hola Christa!
Interesting About Me! Love the Vlog! Love the concept of having a Faith section.
~SimplyyMayra :)
Hi Christa! I just found you via the Southern Blogger link up - I'm also from Oklahoma! Always nice to meet other Okies in the blogging world. :)
The Sane said…
Hi Beautiful Guys,,,

I loved your statement that you blog to keep the writers flame in you alive.

Truly True... you seem to spin out stories out of what others ( the sane guys) would say nonsense... but thats the nuance here in writing and creating.

Keep up the spirit... and yes please pat the doggy... he is better than any of us... !!!

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