About my Kid...

This post will be about me and my kid.
Really it will just be about my kid.
But you will probably pick up notes of sappy, emotional, proud mom stuff too.
However, this is not the same kid as in the last post.
Although they do look a lot alike.
That was Austin.
This is Kagen.
We'll talk about the other two soon.

Because I actually have four kids.
Three boys and one girl.
And while my last posting was primarily written to tie in with my thoughts of late...thoughts on value and being who God created you to be, etc. etc, etc...
It was also an opportunity to brag a bit.
That's my kid. The one on stage being freaking amazing.
Yep. He's mine.

So it got me thinking...
While I obviously don't have nearly as many children as God does, I do understand why He gave us the parent heart. Through the heart and the eyes of a parent, we are able to better understand His incredible love and passion for us. Each of us individually.
I get it.
Because I have this amazingly enormous love for each of my amazingly amazing kids.
Ok. I'll stop saying amazing.
I'm trying to cut back anyway.

At any rate...
This is Kagen.

Kagen is my songwriter. He can often be found in his room, eating cheez-its and working on a new song.
Kagen plays the piano, the keyboard, and the guitar.
And he's amazing.
The smaller font is my way of cutting back for now.
But he really is (amazing) and I can't look at any one of my kids without thinking about how much God loves us.
And how proud He must be when we are living the life we were born to live.
Throughout His Word, He is constantly shouting it at us...LIVE! It's why you're here!
And that is what I see when I look at this boy.
Just look at this boy being who God made him to be.
Knowing who he is.
And who God is in his life.

I couldn't be happier.

Can't even imagine how proud God must be.

See for yourself.
I think you'll agree.
Click here.


Heidi Newberry said…
Aww!! So sweet!!! He is very photo-genic!!
So when are you going to do one about me!?!?!(:

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