The Weird Randomness of My Day...

Some days are good. Some are bad.
Other days are great. And still others are terrible.
And then there are weird days.
You may know exactly what I mean....and you may not.
Allow me to explain.

Weird days are not necessarily good or bad, as a matter of fact, they can have a little of each thrown in for good measure. Or a little of neither. Or a lot of one, and a small amount of the other and vice-versa.
you get the idea.

Weird days are just that. Weird.
They are not easily defined, but usually contain a large amount of things or activities that would not normally be thrown together.

Like this.
I went to the drugstore for a few things.
The necessities of life.

The Dots are in case everyone around me starts eating ice cream at any given moment and I feel too guilty about a previous treat, so I decide to have Dots instead.
I know. the logic.

The Charleston Chews are the previous treat that causes the guilt and leads to the Dots.
In reality, I will probably have a few bites of both, decide I like neither and give them to a kid.
A random kid because it fits with the day.

The skin lightening cream is because the "mustache" is now suspected to be melasma from too much un-protected sun exposure and this product promises 
to try
to help a little.
I'm hopeful.
Love the name of the product, by the way.
Makes you think of the porcelain skin you used to have.
I guess I should just be glad that the label doesn't say
 "Yo, hairy. Need some help with that??"

Ok, that's enough for today.
I'm off to bleach my face and eat candy.

See you lovelies tomorrow!


Ruthie Hart said…
I know exactly what you mean about weird days. Sometimes if I wake up out of an odd dream, my day is just off. Hope today brings you a better day!
Piperville said…
Oh Christa, this made me laugh and then made me want to look in the mirror at my skin!! Love it!!

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