A to Z...

I saw this on my sweet friend's blog the other day and she found it on Beth Moore's LPM blog.
And while it is a cute idea for them, it is really a cop-out for me.
It's a cop-out because I am choosing it today instead of really chatting with ya.
Because I have to rush off to class and I would like to give myself a manicure first.
I know.
I tend to be self-focused like that.

But without further goings on, because then what is the point of the cop-out?

A to Z....It's all about ME!

Age: 38

Bed size:  King.
Because I like my bed to have a big presence in my room.
It does. As a matter of fact, it's about the only thing that fits in my little room.

Chore that you hate:  Yes.
 We've discussed this before.

Dogs:  Three of them. Panda Bear, the furry, black and white mix of something or other. George, the basset hound that loves his momma.  And Rodney. I think he's a chihuahua. Or a min pin. Or an adorable little thing. Either way. Three.

Essential Start to Your Day:  Social networking. I'm shamefully addicted.

Favorite Color:  Red. No, yellow. Red. Definitely red. Or yellow.

Gold or Silver:  Gold. Even though all I have is silver. Odd, I know.

Height:  5' 5.5" Exactly an inch and a half shorter than when I started having kids.

Instruments you play:  Used to play the saxophone. I own a guitar. I don't think either of these really count though.

Job title:  Mom.

Kids:  Four. And a daughter-in-law on the way. :)

Live:  Oklahoma. And, yes, the wind really does come sweeping down the plain.

Mother's name:  That's a weird question. Guess we're just filling in a letter and some space? Her name is Barbara. Hi, Mom!

Nicknames:  Christy. My whole family calls me Christy.  And Baby. Well, it's the husband that calls me Baby. Not the family. That would be weird.

Overnight hospital stays:  How much time do we have? Not enough.
 Let's just say, four kids and about eight surgeries worth.

Pet Peeves:  Chewing with mouth open.

Quote from a movie:  "No, I don't think I will kiss you. Although you need kissing badly. That's what wrong with you. You should be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how." 
Name that movie.

Right or Left Handed:  Right.

Siblings:  Three. Two brothers. One sister. All live close by. :)

Time it takes you to get ready:  Ready for what?? Dinner and a movie? A day at home? School? The Zombie Apocalypse? I don't know. 23 minutes? tops?

Ultimate Vacation:  Disney World. Are there other places?

Vegetable you hate:  I don't hate vegetables. That would be rude.

What makes you run late:  Depends on what we're running late for. Are we still discussing the apocalypse?

X-Rays you've had:  Way too many to count. I glow in the dark. 

Yummy food you make:  Yes.
 I know. The pride. I'll work on it later. After my mani. 

Zoo animal:  I guess this means favorite?  Giraffe. Hands down.
Because one day I found a wooden giraffe that I loved.
I decided right then and there that giraffes would be my favorite zoo animal forever....in case I ever got asked this question.
Which, see?? You never know, do you?

Wait. Don't leave yet.
We need a picture. 
Every post needs a picture.

Rodney says "hello" by the way. 

See you lovelies tomorrow!


Ruthie Hart said…
sweet puppy cuddles are NEEDED on a Monday morning!!
Piperville said…
I love it!!! I may....well am goin got steal it!! I love this!!! You and Rodney look amazing BTW!!
Kera said…
Hi lady! Thanks for stopping by and following along! Just added myself as your newest follower :)

By the way, love that photo of you and your doggy. Great post to get to know you!

Kera @ http://nuggetonabudget.blogspot.com
Jennifer said…
You are too darn cute. :)

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