This post has a disclaimer...

This post will be brought to you by International House of Coffee's Peppermint Mocha, a large amount of Coke Zero, and approximately four hours of sleep.

That's my "don't be hating if this post sucks it" disclaimer.
I took Benadryl before bed last night in order to counteract the lovely allergy eye I've got going on right now, and it had some weird reverse effect on me. Instead of being lulled into a "this stuff should be illegal" sleep, I laid in bed for at least an hour with dancing legs syndrome before I finally gave up, ate a cheese stick, and sat in the recliner until the Benadryl wore off.
Yes, the cheese stick was necessary.

Seriously though, four freaking hours??
In a chair?
This day looks promising.

Hopefully the assignments I need to work on today are relatively self-explanatory despite the fact that I'm down to the last minute on due dates and I'm feeling more than a little overwhelmed.

And speaking of birthdays.
We weren't?
Oh, shoot. It's the lack of sleep.
I warned ya.
Anyway, today is my oldest son's birthday.
He's 7 years old times 3 today and I couldn't be more proud of this kid.
I plan to do a post soon
on how awesome he is
and how happy I am him that he has found the love of his life,
 is heading to college for an engineering degree
and still comes home at least once a week for a carb fix and to hug his momma.

But that post is not today.
My present state of mind would not do him justice.
So for now, you are welcome to read a little about him here.
And I'll even throw in a couple of my favorite pics of the first kid that ever rocked my world 21 years ago today.

My kid with his Grandma.

With his beautiful fiance.

Doing what he does best.

He's amazing.

Thanks for stopping by.
I'm off to do more damage to the day!


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