Something amazing happened. Twice.

Let me tell you.
It is entirely possible to have two absolutely amazing nights in a row.
I know this first hand because I just had two amazing nights in a row.
Last night I e-chatted with the precious Erin over at Living in Yellow, and then tonight I e-chatted with the same lovely Erin, as well as the adorable Jenni over at Story of My Life.
But it gets even better.
I know, right?
They brought six of their coolest friends and I pretty much just soaked in the amazing-ness.
Marinated is probably a better word.
I marinated.
For a full on hour and a half.
And I have four pages of notes to show for it.

So, because wine isn't the only thing that gets better over time, I think I'll just let the marinating continue for a day or two.
Have a wonderful Thursday night, a beautiful Friday, and a fabulous weekend!

And in the meantime, you have to go meet these girls and just soak up their amazing-ness!

Taylor blogs over at Pink Heels Pink Truck.
Erin blogs over at Read. Eat. Create.
Meagan blogs over at The Egg Out West.
Alisha blogs over at Alisha & Brandon.
Ashley blogs over at Oh Wells Instead of What Ifs.
Brin blogs over at Bold Butter Baby.

You will thank me for introducing you to them.
And you will probably send me presents in the mail.
Just sayin'.



BoldButterBaby said…
You are absolutely sweet! Loved 'meeting' you even though you made me cry! :)

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