It's an honor just to be nominated...

Who ME??
Little ol' me??
An award?
You shouldn't have.

But, I'm soooo glad you did.
Big shoutout and lotsa ((hugs)) to my sweet friend, Cortne over at Coco in Magnolia, for nominating me for the Liebster award!!
And I haven't a thing to wear.

Luckily, this award can be received while wearing mismatched pajamas. 
not that I'm wearing mismatched pajamas right now.
or having a "no-shower" day or anything like that.

Anyway, let's get on with the awards ceremony, shall we?? I'm so glad you came!

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
It is just a way to recognize them for their efforts in the blogging community and help them grow their following. It is also a German word for
"favorite,dearest, sweetest, kindest, pleasant, cute, endearing..." and a whole slew of other words to describe someone that is close to your heart.
As a part of the awards ceremony, the blogger receiving the award is asked to state 11 facts about him or herself, answer 11 questions posed from the one extending the award, and then nominate at least one or two other amazing bloggers for the award.
 Link backs are necessary for the process to work, as well as a way to say thank you to all those involved.

So without further goings-on, my 11 facts about little ol' me...

1. I am a Christian and I take my relationship with Jesus very seriously. I consider Him to be my best friend.

2. I used to smoke and I still enjoy standing next to smokers.

3. I get a kick out of the fact that most people think #1 & #2 couldn't possibly go together. Maybe they don't. But they did. For a season.

4. I am a Customer Service Rep and I freakin love. my. job. Helping people is sort of an obsession of mine. In a non-creepy way.

5. I smile a LOT. Like a LOT. Sometimes my face hurts.

6. I have always battled depression. Some seasons have been worse than others. I realize this doesn't necessarily line up with #4 or #5, but it's a fact. See here.

7. Sometimes I try not to smile because no one else is. But it's way too much work and life is too good. I know. It doesn't fit with the depression. I'm a conundrum.

8. My two favorite colors are red & yellow because they are the happiest colors in the world.

9. If I could live in one place, it would be Orlando. Alright, it would be the castle on Main Street in Magic Kingdom, but I doubt that's allowed.

10. I have a horse that I adore. And miss. Work/kids, etc takes up all my horse riding time these days.

11. I have to go the bathroom really bad right now and am sort of regretting that giant iced coffee.

And now to answer the questions posed by my sweet nominator, Cortne...

Are you a beer, wine, or cocktail person?
Good question. I've had the occasional drink, and I certainly joke about it a lot, but if I'm going to have the calories, I would sort of prefer something with frosting.

What is your favorite genre of food, for example: American, Italian, Indian, Mexican or other?
Hands down, it's Mexican. I could eat salsa straight up with a spoon.
On the other hand...
The husband grills a burger that makes me cry tears of joy.
I'm going to have to go with burger.
With a side of salsa and a spoon.

What form of exercise do you partake in, if any?

I believe exercise is a beautiful thing.
And I enjoy watching other people partake in it.
Okaay. I kid.
I walked on a treadmill once.

Do you think question #3 crosses out indulging in question #1 and #2?
When I do exercise, I am more likely to eat both the cheeseburger and the salsa.

Fishhooks, Courage and the Cowardly Dog, or Beavis and Butthead?
Nope. Sorry. 
I would rather poke my eye out.
And I am prepared to poke my eye out if someone dares to turn it on in this house.
I know. I'm a buzzkill.

How do you hang your toilet paper, over or under?
I set it on the back of the toilet because we haven't finished that part of the bathroom.
Ya know, the part where you actually put the toilet paper holder on the wall.
We will probably make those sort of updates if we ever sell. ha.

Do you drink alcohol while answering questions like these and why?
I drink homemade iced coffee.
And pause every other question to run to the loo.

Do you drink alcohol while making up questions like these and why?
Once again.
Iced coffee.
I'll be right back.

When choosing your toothbrush, do you pick a particular color?
Weird, but I think I do.
Like my teeth know we're a girl or something.

Who is your favorite nemo character nemo in a Disney nemo movie?
Yeah, I see ya slipping nemo in there.
I will not be brainwashed.
Dory is the bomb.

 Lipton or Luzianne?
Whichever is on sale.
Or iced coffee.

And that completes my part of the Award Ceremony.
On to my nominations...
Drum roll, please.......

First off we have the adorable Amy over at Trials & Triumphs of Loving My Sailor
I just found her little spot in the blogosphere and already I love her.
Not to mention how bright her little corner of the world is. Drew me in immediately.

And second, but not least in any way, we have the lovely Catherine over at Bailey Dailies.
Girl is a lawyer, married to a dentist, and she can cook.
Plus she travels.
Lots of fun stuff to read about over in her little corner of the blog world!
Please go check them out and congratulate them on their award.

And, to the nominees, if you wouldn't mind answering the same 11  questions that I had to answer, and don't forget to give your readers 11 facts about your lovely self, link back to me, and then nominate two more deserving recipients.
All of the above can be done while wearing pajamas and drinking iced coffee.
True story.


Cortne said…
Oh my goodness. I laughed big! You are so funny. I heart you big smiles. Thank you for participating.
Yay! Congrats! I used to smoke too and all my friends still do so request they blow it in my face. Lol.

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