We Danced Alone

Have you ever walked into a crowded room and tripped over your GI-normous feet?
Or run into someone at the mall? 
No. I mean like literally run into someone.
Like, "omgosh, are you ok?? Here, let me help you find your teeth."
That sort of running into someone.
Or perhaps you've passed gas in public and tried to blame it on your kids.
Monopolized the conversation until someone finally tells you about the spinach in your teeth.
Tried to get in the wrong car at the grocery store until you see the unfamiliar and confused person already inside the vehicle.
No? Just me?
Well, I wouldn't advise that last one.
People scare easily, that's all I'll say.

Bottom line is, as embarrassing as it can be to just be yourself some days,
it's important to remember that we all trip.
We all stumble.
And we all have spinach in our teeth from time to time.

And some of us even go all out to host our very first link up party and then wonder why the bloody heck we didn't have 495 link ups and at least that many new followers.
Suffice it to say, that after Cortne and I laughed our arses off over how huge our expectations were in comparison to our small turnout, we agreed on two things...

Thing #1... Ashlee over at Abpetite is probably the most amazing person we know.
Either she was really feeling the need to link up with anyone she could find on Tuesday, or she is one of those precious and tender hearts that can't stand the pitiful sight of someone dancing alone. And that would have been us.
Cortne and I.
We were the ones dancing alone.
Thankfully, we never actually hired the clown.
and the balloons just make our houses look festive.

Thing #2... We will try again.
And again.
and again.
and after that, we will try again.
The idea being that eventually we will either be super successful at this whole Link Up thing, or we will be able to write an in depth book on Blogging through your discouragements.
Or on linking up, or dancing, or something like that.

So there it is, kids!
Life is full of pitfalls and embarrassments.
There will be spinach in your teeth.
And from time to time you will have to dance alone.

Just remember to keep dancing.
And carry floss.

Your friend,
and next week's co-host for the I DECLARE link up,


Cortne said…
Oh my goodness gracious my lil dancing partner. Next week...the Cha Cha. I love reading your blog, and not just when it's about me, I mean us. You always make me smile and warm my heart.
Karen M said…
Hi! Linking up from FFF. I absolutely relate to your post. Walking through life with minimal expectations works well for me but sometimes I say WHY? I want, I need and I expect...more often than not it's what I NEED that I get and never from who, what, how or when I expected. DO try again.

karen @fairiesmarket.blogspot.com

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