Who's Embarrassed??

Linking up with the lovely Jenni and her Blog Every Day in May challenge...

My most embarassing moment?
I wish I could tell you.
I really do.
But my husband would disapprove.
And he would remind me that our lives aren't an episode of TMZ, despite my apparent determination to make it seem that way.
And he would be right. I would be wrong.
And you would blush.
You would also unfriend me from facebook and bloglovin.
Which reminds me.
I need more friends on both counts, and I might be crying daily over it.

However, I will tell you that I've had my share of embarrassing moments.
Like the incident with the hammock. You can read all about it by clicking on the word hammock
Go figure.
Or my awkward moments like this one. Click here please.

There was also the time that I tried to walk casually past a group of curious construction workers.
And because there is never anything casual about trying to look casual, I ended up doing some sort of Michael Jackson/Hobbit walk the entire way.

My life has never been boring.
And I doubt it's about to start.

I'm off to greet the day.
Hope you have an amazing one!!


Cortne said…
No fair you must tell. I'll get you liquored up to spill the beans.

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