Happy Hump Day and my week so far in pictures and I'd rather be swimming.

I'll be brief because I have a date with the swimming pool today.
And before I can have that date, I have to make chicken salad, pack a bag, gather children, and run to Target.
All in an hour and 15?
Difficult for other mothers.
But I wear a Super Shirt.

So, in an effort to still make nice and blog, I thought I would put together a Hump Day Happenings post with a "so-far" this week glance at my life in pictures.
Because then your day will be complete, right?
I thought so.
Without further rambling.
The pictures...

My cutie-patooties when they first began their acting careers.

My first vlog ever can be found on my About Me page. 
Only took 27 different takes.

Taught the girl how to make homemade salsa and enchiladas yesterday.
There was much happiness in the house last night.

Roasted potatoes for what I thought would be a simple dinner on Monday night.
And then the mid day text to the hubs after the making of the simple dinner.

What happens when you forget about plantar fasciitis and work in the kitchen all day with bare feet.
Then you remember.
And you are sad.

And that is it.
As I said, I have worked me proverbial arse off so far this week and I am very much looking forward to a  floating said arse around a pool all day.
You're welcome for the image.

I hope your Hump Day is delightful and I will check back in with you tomorrow.
Planning to share a couple of the recipes from the dinners this week, so tune in to the Foodie section of the blog.

Until then.


JEALOUS of your pool day! And those enchiladas look amazing!
Taby Jean said…
Yay pool day!!! And those potatoes look delicious in addition to deceptively simple lol!

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