Three Things...

I spent much of the morning going through past blog posts and labeling them appropriately.
I could have been doing the dishes, folding the laundry, or scrubbing the shower, but due to the fact that I was just released from the hospital last week (with what looks  like Mono), going through and labeling past blog posts seemed like the better choice.  The most restful and enjoyable one for certain.

I always enjoy reading old posts. It reminds me of all of the funny & wonderfulness I had forgotten about all of the funny and wonderful people and things I all too often overlook.
Did you get that?
Maybe you should go back and read it again.
I know I had to.

It also reminds me of blogging trends I had once started and allowed to slip away.
Like "Awkward & Awesome Thursdays"
Or "Lori" posts.
And "Three Things".

Each of these are posting trends that I need to remember to remember to do. On a regular basis.
If I can remember.

So for today, let's cover "Three Things" shall we?
As a matter of fact, let's make it a regular happenin' around these parts.
Say every Monday?
Around whatever time-ish I get up?
Sounds do-able.

Three Things I love:

Cozy chairs in the bedroom.

Birds that have conversations about their day.

Turtles that smile when you come to visit them.

Three Things I Don't love:

Broken zippers on favorite purses.
Showers that need to be scrubbed.

No pictures of the things I don't love because who is interested in that, right?

Have a lovely day, lovelies!

We'll chat again tomorrow!


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